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          The successful development of domest
          On July 25, according to a Global Times report, China Shipbuilding 704 Institute has successfully developed and confirmed that the 20 MW ste...
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          July 1 party festival | eventfully y
          The sky of July is full of color, the eye of July is brilliant. On the journey to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we are celeb...
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          Good news | far east motor 3000kW mo
          The 3000kW motor comprehensive test center jointly designed by Shanghai Electric Power Research Institute and our company has been installed...
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          Business areas

          Ship with motor

          Ship motor, ship motor with low noise

          Marine motor

          Marine motor, wet and dry water-cooled motor

          Flameproof/high voltage motor

          YBX3/YBBP Flameproof motor、YKK High voltage motor、YVF2 Variable frequency adjustable-speed motor、YX3/YE2/YE3 High efficiency energy-saving machine

          Jiangsu Yuandong Electric Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd
          Founded in 1970, the company, formerly known as the state-owned Taixian Electric Machinery Factory, is a national high-tech enterprise, an innovative enterprise of Jiangsu Province, a private science and technology enterprise of Jiangsu Province, and a national AAA level honest enterprise.